The Wand-repreneurs

While out on a date with my beautiful bride last Saturday night (we saw Super 8 – a perfect movie, but I digress), we ran across a couple of young entrepreneurs at the movie theater near Fry’s here in Seattle.

It was opening weekend of the final Harry Potter movie, and they were selling homemade Harry Potter wands near the theater entrance.

I couldn’t resist grabbing a quick video to hear their story.

Many thanks to their great dad, Gary, for inspiring these entrepreneurial minds, as well as allowing us to share their story here.

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  1. Stefan says:

    I am Messiah and Ezras’s uncle and live down in LA. Was pleasently surprised to see this interview on them. They are both very artistic kids who have been encouraged at an early age to go for their dreams.

    All kids should be prodded as early as possible to find what they have a passion for and pursue it! Very proud of these boys!!

    Thanks for the interview with them.


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