Bootstrapper Studios December Launch Special Extravaganza

Yes, that says $139 for a video.

You get a 3 camera shoot, with a video delivered in 24 hours for just $139 ($209 if you aren’t a Hub member) from 12/8 through the end of December.

Just contact us at to book your time. Or visit us at The Hub for a quick tour.

How is it so inexpensive one might ask?

Go ahead. Ask. Don’t read on until you do.

Since you asked, it comes down to live edits.

What that means is that all three cameras, and even a laptop (for slides or app demos), are fed into a central switcher, recorded and edited in real time. After the session, we will trim, add any provided graphics or images to the front and/or back and you can even pick music to go along with it from our stock music library.

You’ll get a link to download your video so you can upload it to the video platform of your choice.

Like any good Scout, you just need to be prepared. Have your script, talking points, demo, etc. rehearsed and ready to go before you walk in front of the cameras.

There are a few more technical and logistical details, but you might be more interested in just chatting with us about them rather than trying to read a long post outlining everything.

So, just jump in the elevator, email us at, tweet us at @StBootstrapper, or heck, just reply to this thread.

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