Grizzled Sherpas

At Bootstrapper Studios, we’re not just purveyors of fine hand crafted videos.

We’re more like grizzled sherpas – you know the ones – kind, frank, opinionated – with Selleck mustachios and sunburned skin.

Yeah, we’re versed in all the whiz-bang whatcha-ma-whooos-its, but more importantly – we know how to push, pull, and prod your story into something simple and compelling – so you don’t end up dead on the side of a mountain.

So get in touch – whether it’s video promos/shorts, HD event recording + streaming, or the next killer app/device/software demo.

We’ll make sure you come back alive with a kick-ass story to tell.

Contact us via the form below to chat about your project. You can also reach us at or 206-902-7294