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Bootstrapper Studios December Launch Special Extravaganza

Yes, that says $139 for a video.

You get a 3 camera shoot, with a video delivered in 24 hours for just $139 ($209 if you aren’t a Hub member) from 12/8 through the end of December.

Just contact us at to book your time. Or visit us at The Hub for a quick tour.

How is it so inexpensive one might ask?

Go ahead. Ask. Don’t read on until you do.

Since you asked, it comes down to live edits.

What that means is that all three cameras, and even a laptop (for slides or app demos), are fed into a central switcher, recorded and edited in real time. After the session, we will trim, add any provided graphics or images to the front and/or back and you can even pick music to go along with it from our stock music library.

You’ll get a link to download your video so you can upload it to the video platform of your choice.

Like any good Scout, you just need to be prepared. Have your script, talking points, demo, etc. rehearsed and ready to go before you walk in front of the cameras.

There are a few more technical and logistical details, but you might be more interested in just chatting with us about them rather than trying to read a long post outlining everything.

So, just jump in the elevator, email us at, tweet us at @StBootstrapper, or heck, just reply to this thread.

Made it to the Big (Mammoth) Screen

Yesterday at the 2014 GeekWire Awards Ceremony, we got to experience one of our videos on, what EMP calls a mammoth screen. 60 feet wide by 33 feet tall. One of the largest LED screens in the world.

It was amazing seeing something Maurice, Adam and I made that HUGE!

Thanks GeekWire for inviting us out.

You can watch it on your screen, it won’t be as big, but if you hold your screen really close to your face, it might feel similar.

A Little Note From Our Own @CoachGallimore

Thanks Coach Gallimore. We really enjoy working with you, too.

What Do Macklemore, the Seahawks and #HowSeattleRiots do to Seattle’s Brand?

Between the Grammy win by Macklemore and Seahawks winning the Super Bowl — Seattle got a megawatt spotlight in 7 days. Join branding experts Jen Zug of What Now? Exactly!, Bryan Zug and Adam Wygle of Bootstrapper Studios, journalists Monica Guzman and Taylor Soper, and blogger Sally James to ask: What difference might these last few weeks make to this city?

Also, what does the trending Twitter topic #HowSeattleRiots say about how we view ourselves and how the rest of the world views us?


Jujitsu-ing the Pain of Disappointing Yourself to Become a Kick-ass Creative (a remix of Ira Glass by Daniel Sax)

The video starts with just simple text, “For Everyone in doubt.”

A few seconds later, “Including myself” slowly fades in.

Take a couple minutes and watch, then we’ll discuss.

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Like Ira says, every creative needs to be told that they have good taste, but, when we first start, what we’re making is probably not that good. And that’s just fine. You’re doing this because you like beauty and you want to see more beauty in the world.

But, that pain, the pain of disappointing yourself, is what helps you to grow your skill. Keep putting shit out there. Keep making videos, keep writing, keep drawing. Whatever it is, keep going.

There are many ways you can improve. One of the big ways is following our very own Zug’s Laws to Creative Feedback. (Yeah, that was a cheap plug for our own content, what’re ya gonna do?)

Sometimes in the necessary rush of making and shipping things, it’s easy to take “it’s not there yet” feedback the wrong way – which is a very effective way to poison a project or a team.

Thanks Daniel for making this. As one video guy to another, I truly hope this keeps you going (I know it’s helped our team) and gets you more work. Good job.

You can watch the whole Ira Glass talk in four parts over at this handy-dandy playlist we put together.

Also, take a look at Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix series. Daniel’s use of Ira’s talk was a great example of how to remix and repurpose in a compelling format.

$1,000,000 For 57 Hours of Work

Being a computer programmer, you’re not like a star football player, you’re not a star basketball player, you’re not a super model — it’s work that often goes under appreciated. I think it’s really cool that Salesforce put a $1,000,000 prize up, because that proves to people that it’s not just something nerdy people do, you can have fun and hopefully [it] helps push computer programming as more mainstream and less on the fringe.

– Tom Ortega (at 11:40)

One week before Dreamforce 2013 started, Tom Ortega called us to help  make a demo video of the app they were building at the 57 hour long hackathon.

While we were talking, we decided that it’d be better to have us go with Omega Ortega and document the entire process.

What you see here is the final outcome. It was a great week full of great food, laughter and coding.

Jaremy Rich (Seattle Curator, Startup Digest) at Startup BBQ 2011

We had a great time chatting with Jaremy Rich, Seattle Curator for Startup Digest, in this interview at the 2nd Annual Startup BBQ at Gasworks park in Seattle last Monday night.

We talk about being refugees in Seattle and the fun geek events Startup Digest is tracking.