Jujitsu-ing the Pain of Disappointing Yourself to Become a Kick-ass Creative (a remix of Ira Glass by Daniel Sax)

The video starts with just simple text, “For Everyone in doubt.”

A few seconds later, “Including myself” slowly fades in.

Take a couple minutes and watch, then we’ll discuss.

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Like Ira says, every creative needs to be told that they have good taste, but, when we first start, what we’re making is probably not that good. And that’s just fine. You’re doing this because you like beauty and you want to see more beauty in the world.

But, that pain, the pain of disappointing yourself, is what helps you to grow your skill. Keep putting shit out there. Keep making videos, keep writing, keep drawing. Whatever it is, keep going.

There are many ways you can improve. One of the big ways is following our very own Zug’s Laws to Creative Feedback. (Yeah, that was a cheap plug for our own content, what’re ya gonna do?)

Sometimes in the necessary rush of making and shipping things, it’s easy to take “it’s not there yet” feedback the wrong way – which is a very effective way to poison a project or a team.

Thanks Daniel for making this. As one video guy to another, I truly hope this keeps you going (I know it’s helped our team) and gets you more work. Good job.

You can watch the whole Ira Glass talk in four parts over at this handy-dandy playlist we put together.

Also, take a look at Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix series. Daniel’s use of Ira’s talk was a great example of how to remix and repurpose in a compelling format.

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