$1,000,000 For 57 Hours of Work

Being a computer programmer, you’re not like a star football player, you’re not a star basketball player, you’re not a super model — it’s work that often goes under appreciated. I think it’s really cool that Salesforce put a $1,000,000 prize up, because that proves to people that it’s not just something nerdy people do, you can have fun and hopefully [it] helps push computer programming as more mainstream and less on the fringe.

– Tom Ortega (at 11:40)

One week before Dreamforce 2013 started, Tom Ortega called us to help  make a demo video of the app they were building at the 57 hour long hackathon.

While we were talking, we decided that it’d be better to have us go with Omega Ortega and document the entire process.

What you see here is the final outcome. It was a great week full of great food, laughter and coding.

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