Marc Nager at Startup BBQ 2011 in Seattle

We made our way over to the 2nd Annual Startup BBQ at Gasworks park in Seattle last night. Here’s our first video from the night – a great interview with the chief instigator of the event, Marc Nager.

Marc is CEO of Startup Weekend here in Seattle. We’ll be posting more interviews over the next week, so stay tuned!


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  1. Mike Folden says:

    Great event! Stoked you got to interview some folks Bryan. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

    It was great to finally meet in person as well!

    • Bryan Zug says: (Author)

      Great to meet you in person as well. And thanks for the awesome conversation. Looking forward to what we might be able to collaborate on.

  2. Jaremy says:

    Great stuff, Bryan. Thanks again for coming out to Startup BBQ. Good to meet you, and looking forward to seeing great things from you guys!

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