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This whole thing started years ago around the rise of YouTube and the proliferation of online video.

Mostly as a networking tool, my wife Jen and I started showing up at various tech events around Seattle to capture video of the wonderful presentations folks were doing.

After years of documenting the community and accumulating various configurations of gear, it dawned on us one day that what we’d snowballed along the way was a great little multi-camera HD broadcast studio.

It’s funny when you realize that you’ve bootstrapped a facility that not too many years ago used to fill semi-trucks and cost millions of dollars.

Funny how the world changes.

Having high quality production services available to rapid prototype video content for businesses at a very low cost just seems like an interesting thing to make available to the wider community.

This is how Bootstrapper Studios was born and is an invitation to all sorts of interesting questions.

We’re setting up shop at Founder’s Co-op / TechStars headquarters in the South Lake Union (SLU) startup neighborhood of Seattle. Drop us a line if you’ve got a project in mind:

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